Learning path Dutch labour law and HRM for contemporary management (in English)

Module 1


One-day workshop "Dutch employment law for contemporary management (Basic)"

For whom

In terms of content, you know well what to do as a manager or HR-professional working in an international company based in the Netherlands. But you experience a lack of knowledge in the field of Dutch labour law and personnel management in the Dutch context - or you want to refresh this knowledge. Because the laws and regulations in this area are complex, constantly changing and require precise application.


In this workshop you will gain theoretical and practical insight at the basic level of Dutch labour law. We will reflect on the most recent developments of legislation and regulations and their practical implications.


The following questions are addressed in the workshop:

  • • What is my role in recruitment & selection, in the collaboration between management and the HR department (if there is one)? How do we look at job evaluation and remuneration? What are the do's and don'ts around common terms such as confidentiality, a non-competition and relationship clause, trial periods etc.?
  • • What are the legal ins & outs of the different types of employment contracts, with a focus on flexible forms of work such as temporary, on-call, min-max, temporary agency workers, self-employed workers, etc.?
  • • What are the rules and customs regarding vacation, (informal) care leave, (un) paid and emergency leave etc.? How do I deal with illness & reintegration? How do I deal with labour disputes, when they arise?
  • • How do I conduct a conversation about the performance and behavior of employees - and myself? What is the relationship between aspirations and requirements in the field of development, training and improvement processes? What are the legal requirements of the Performance Improvement Plan -and of instant dismissal?
  • • What requirements are set for ‘file building’ in the event of intended dismissal? What is my role as a manager or HR-professional in the (preparation of) dismissal procedures at UWV and sub district court judge?
  • • What is my role as a manager or Hr-professional in reorganizations ? With attention to relocation obligations, social plan, dismissal choice, role of seniority and reflection principle etc.
  • • What role do I play as a manager or HR-professional towards employee participation bodies such as the Works Council, as well as towards trade unions?

Benefits from the Programme

After attending this workshop with a maximum of six participants, you are aware of the most current developments in Dutch Labour Law and HR-regulations and you know how to apply them practically.

You go home with concrete solutions for the cases you brought in during the workshop, so that you can achieve concrete results.

Workshop locations and date

The workshops are held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at changing locations of Seats2Meet, always including an extensive lunch in the brasseries at the locations.

On Tuesday 26 November 2019 (Zwolle), Friday 11 December 2019 (Zwolle), Thursday 9 January 2020 (Utrecht), Thursday 6 February 2020 (Utrecht), Tuesday 3 March 2020 (Utrecht).

We also offer the module / workshop in-Company , customized to the needs of your organization.


€ 795, excluding VAT, including reading materials, per workshop / module.

If your branch, professional or network organization has a cooperation agreement with us, a discount may apply. Indicate this under remarks during registration, stating the organization.