Learning path Dutch labour law and HRM for contemporary management (in English)

Module 2


One-day workshop “Contemporary HRM in the Netherlands (advanced)”

For whom: Many organizations focus on new forms of leadership and organization. It is up to the organization and you as a manager, within the context of Dutch employment law frameworks, to develop and / or apply contemporary HR tools and practices based on them. How do you tackle this challenge?

Content: In this workshop we deal with the many Dutch contemporary HR philosophies and their practical implementation, whereby we mainly deal with those trends that are relevant to you and your organization. Own cases are leading.

Topics -The following topics are covered:

  • • What are new philosophies, approaches and forms of leadership & organization:

o Self-organization of teams

o Agile work, including with squads and tribes

o Sociocracy

o Holacracy

o The "spotify" model

o Platform, open source and multi-dimensional organizations

o Ecosystems

o addressing "wholeness”; human value comes first

  • • What are the pros and cons and points for attention of these new philosophies, approaches and forms of leadership & organization?
  • • What are commonly used and practical HR tools and practices within the aforementioned trends? Among other things, we pay attention to:

o Recruitment by team colleagues

o Roles instead of functions and task descriptions

o Goal definition & Target setting by employees and teams

o Flexible handling of leave / vacation, as required

o Self-assessment (by employees and teams)

o Determining level  and  annual remuneration by the team themselves

o Development interviews within a team instead of appraisal interviews

o Dismissal only after a defined  conflict resolution mechanism with mediation

o Group-oriented decision making (often based on indigenous traditions and "live" or digital dialogue forms).

  • What are the implications of these HR tools and practices, answered by questions such as:

o How do we ensure that all HR tools and approaches are aligned with each other and with the overarching philosophy?

o Do we want to abandon the ‘HR cycle’-talks, what will we replace it with? If a mandatory collective labour agreement / personnel policy is in place , what adjustments can we make to implement a contemporary HR policy?

o How do we proceed with regard to the implementation of contemporary HR policy? With a "big bang"? Step-by-step? With small experiments in parts of the organization? By placing a new organization in the current one, which is not constrained by the existing systems and culture?

Benefits from the Programme

After attending this workshop with a maximum of six participants, you know how you can best fulfill your role as a manager or Hr-professional in a way that suits you and your organization with the help of contemporary HR instruments, within the context of Dutch employment law frameworks.

In addition, you go home with handles for solutions to the cases you brought in during the workshop so that you can achieve concrete results.

Workshop locations and date

The workshops are held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at changing locations of Seats2Meet, always including an extensive lunch in the brasseries at the locations.

On Thursday, November 14, 2019 (Utrecht), Thursday, December 19, 2019 (Utrecht), Thursday, January 16, 2020 (Zwolle), Wednesday Feb 19 (Den Bosch), Thursday, March 19, 2020 (Utrecht)

We also offer the module / workshop in-Company , customized to the needs of your organization.


€ 795, excluding VAT, including reading materials, per workshop / module.

If your branch, professional or network organization has a cooperation agreement with us, a discount may apply. Indicate this under remarks during registration, stating the organization.