Works Councils & Trade Unions:

employee relations in the Netherlands

During the workshop we will cover all aspects of (managing) employee relations in the Netherlands, with special emphasis on the typically Dutch system of staff representation via the so-called Works Council, a staff representative body with far-reaching rights on not only nearly all topics covered by HR-policies, but also intended company restructuring or reorganisation, takeover, merger ICT decisions and a host of other tips for which either a right of advice exists. Also, we will discuss the typical position of trade unions and the system of negotiations on sectoral or company-level, as well as the ins and outs of the Collective Labour Agreement, as well as the relationship between Works Council and trade unions. The maximum number of 8 participants allows for the discussion of all particulars of the situation of your organisation, as well as ensure all tips can be tailormade to fit the needs of you and your organisation.


Who should attend?

HR-professionals, managers and/or (prospective) members of a Works Council, working for an international organisation based in the Netherlands. Result? After finishing this introductory course you will have a general understanding of the why, what & how of Works Councils & Trade Unions and develop a good understanding of (managing) employee relations in the Netherlands, including the working of Collective Labour Agreements. You will receive tips and advice on how to act in specific situations that are of concern to your organisation and role.


Workshop / Course fee

The fee for the workshop / course, including a reader and personal intake is € 795,- excl. VAT. In the case your branche-, professional or network organisation has a cooperation agreement with us, you are entitled to a discount.




Dates and location for this workshop / course

Works Councils & Labour Unions: employee relations in the Netherlands 17-09-2019
Works Councils & Labour Unions: employee relations in the Netherlands 19-11-2019


Location: Utrecht, Vredenburg 40 at Social Impact Factory -within 2 minutes walking distance of Utrecht Central Station

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