Overview workshops

The workshops are organized either on-site / on-location (always ‘hybrid’, allowing for online participation) or as ‘live webinar’ (online only).

We offer the workshops also on an incompany basis or in the form of one-on-one individual teaching.

Module 1: One-day workshop "Dutch employment law for contemporary management (basic)"

In the basic workshop the focus is on the basics of Dutch labour law and its application. We reflect on the most recent developments in legislation, court decisions and regulations. (LINK to page)

Module 2: One-day workshop “Contemporary HR in the Netherlands (Advanced)”

In this workshop the focus is on contemporary HR philosophies, tools and approaches and their practical application in relation to Dutch labour law. (LINK to page)

Building Block Modules

In various modules or "deep dives" in a number of specific subjects, we delve into the Dutch employment law aspects and contemporary Dutch HR approaches of the subject along with their advantages, disadvantages and tips on practical application.

The Ins and outs of the subject of the ‘deep dive’ subject are covered, with a lot of room discussion of your own cases.

Module 3 - Deep dive 1: Illness and reintegration (LINK to page)

Module 4 - Deep dive 2: Performance Management, incl. file building  (LINK to page)

Module 5 - Deep dive 3: Organizational change / reorganization (LINK to page)

Module 6 - Deep dive 4: Labour relations (Works Council and trade unions) (LINK to page)

Module 7 - Deep dive 5: Flexible labour relations (LINK to page)

Module 8 - One-day workshop / course ‘Global Overview Labour Laws & HR: Western European countries & USA (in English)’  (LINK to page)

Workshop Location

The workshops are held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Villa Mollerus in Baarn, 10 m. walk from Baarn train station (Mollerusstraat 1, circa 30 min. from Amsterdam and Utrecht).

They always include an extensive lunch, in the same building. 

Some workshops are also offered in the form of a ‘live webinar’ and all workshops are available in the form of a one-on-one workshop or on an incompany basis, with different prices).

‘On location’ workshops are hybrid, i.e. they allow for online participation as well, which works well given the fact that we work in small groups (maximum number of 6 participants).

The prices for the on-site and online workshops are the same.


Workshop dates, in 2021

(location: Baarn (online-participation also possible), unless indicated otherwise, e.g. live webinar).


Module 1, Dutch employment law & HRM (Basic):

February 12, March 12 (Live Webinar), March 22, April 2, April 15 (Live Webinar, for US, 16.00-23.00 hrs CET), May 7, May 20 (Live Webinar), June 11, July 2, August 24 (Live Webinar for US), August 26 (Live Webinar), Sept 10, Oct 15, Nov 5, Nov 10 (Live Webinar, for US, 16.00-23.00 hrs CET), Nov 26 (Live Webinar)

Module 2, Contemporary HRM in the Netherlands (Advanced):

May 14, Sept 17

Module 3, Illness and reintegration:

May 21, Sept 24

Module 4, Performance Management:

May 28, Oct 1

Module 5, Organizational change / Reorganization:

June 11, Oct 8

Module 6, Industrial relations (Works Council / Unions) :

June 25, Oct 22

Module 7, Flexible Labour relations:

July 9, Oct 29

Module 8, Global Overview Labour Laws & HR Western European countries & USA (in English): 

March 18, April 14 (Live Webinar, for US, 16.00-23.00 hrs CET), April 16 (Live Webinar), April 20, June 25, Aug 23 (Live Webinar, for US, 16.00-23.00 hrs CET), Aug 25 (Live Webinar), Sept 3, Oct 29, Nov 1 (Live Webinar), Dec 3, Dec 17 (Live Webinar, for US, 16.00-23.00 hrs CET)

Your investment

€ 795, excluding VAT, including reading materials, per workshop / module.

If your branch, professional or network organization has a cooperation agreement with us, a discount may apply. Indicate this under remarks during registration, stating the organization.

Benefits from the programme, modules 1 to 7

At the end of this course where we also work with your own cases with a maximum of six participants (the composition of which varies per module / workshop) you have:

  1. 1. up-to-date knowledge of Dutch employment law
  2. 2. knowledge of contemporary Dutch HR approaches and tips on their application
  3. 3. the concrete solution for the cases you brought in during the workshops
  4. 4. the necessary knowledge of the deep dive topics you have chosen.

A certificate is provided for each module followed.

We also offer the modules / workshops on an  in-Company or an a ‘One-on-One’ basis, customized to the needs of your yourself and your organization.

About the senior lecturer / teacher:

Mr. Arthur Hol (1969) is both a lawyer and an organizational psychologist. He is a partner / employment lawyer at De Koning Vergouwen lawyers. In the past he worked as an (international) HR Manager at Shell and KLM. He is also a partner of ‘New ways of Organizing’.

More information: www.arthurhol.nl