Learning path Dutch labour law and HRM for contemporary management (in English)

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As a non-Dutch speaking manager or HR-professional working in an international company based in the Netherlands you know well what to do in your own field of expertise, but you may experience challenges in  the field of Dutch labour law and personnel management in the context of Dutch labour relations. Or you are  looking for a ‘refresher’, in view of all the current and coming changes in Dutch labour law and HR practices.

In addition, you and your organization might have started to march towards contemporary views on leadership and organization, with attention to the autonomy of employees and teams and the value of people above that of the system.

At the same time you have to work with HR instruments and approaches that are sometimes largely based on traditional HR policy. You have to deal with the rules of Dutch labour law and a possibly applicable collective agreement, which often are at least slightly ‘at odds’ with contemporary approaches - and sometimes even go against them.

You need insights into how you can deploy both traditional and contemporary HR instruments to the challenges for yourself and for your organization.  You wish to do this in a small group setting that allows for enough individual attention and where solutions may be provided for the cases that you have.


Develop your knowledge in the field of personnel management in the Netherlands and contemporary Dutch employment law. Discover how you can best fulfill your role as a manager or Hr-professional in a way that suits you and your organization with the help of the traditional but also with the more contemporary HR instruments.

The " Dutch labour law and HRM for contemporary management” programme or learning path consists of various one-day modules. Each module can be taken "separately" as a workshop on its own: the Basic and Advanced modules, supplemented with various modules or "deep dives" in a number of specific topics.

Both the workshops and the reading materials are in the English language, with small groups of up to six participants, on location (mostly in Utrecht) or in the form of a live webinar. As a result, there is plenty of room for mutual exchange and the input of own cases. You go home with practical tools and tips for the solution of your cases and challenges, in a way that fits your personal style and that of your organization.

For whom?

The workshops of this learning path are suitable for both beginning and more experienced managers and HR-professionals who work in an international company, based in the Netherlands. Experience shows that in the exchange between the participants curiosity about each other's perspective and experience leads to new insights and practical solutions.